Riverine System Management

1. Angling

The Cauvery is one of south India's most sacred rivers. Swollen by the monsoon rains, it flows for some 475 miles through the state of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu before discharging into the Bay of Bengal. Regulated by dams, it is no longer a wild river, but is home to the legendary 'Fish of the Gods' and the 'King Of All Fishes' - the Mahseer. Angled for since the times of royalty and the rods of the British Raj, the Mahseer has carved a place for itself in sport fishing legend. It is known as a tiger in waters, because of the fight it musters to wriggle off the hook.

The CWS conducts licensed fishing on a 28km stretch of the river Cauvery in Coorg. The stretch has been leased by CWS from the fisheries dept since 1982. The CWS has also undertaken a lot of efforts in conserving this stretch and improving the fishery substantially.

Anglers can procure angling licenses from the CWS office in Madikeri. For more details please contact the office.




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